Single Door, Solid Door, Refrigerator, Bottom Mount 23 Cu Ft

Compact and Reliable Cooling with Chef Majesty 23 Cu Ft Single Door Solid Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Experience efficient refrigeration in a compact package with the Chef Majesty 23 Cu Ft Single Door Solid Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator. Designed for space-conscious environments, this refrigerator offers a 23 cubic feet capacity that’s perfect for smaller kitchens and foodservice establishments. The solid door design ensures temperature consistency while the bottom mount refrigeration system guarantees reliable cooling performance. With its durable construction and space-saving design, this refrigerator is an ideal solution for businesses looking for dependable refrigeration in limited spaces.

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Optimal Refrigeration Solution: Chef Majesty 23 Cu Ft Single Door Solid Door Refrigerator

Discover the perfect balance of functionality and reliability with the Chef Majesty 23 Cu Ft Single Door Solid Door Refrigerator. This refrigerator is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of commercial kitchens, restaurants, and food service establishments seeking a top-tier refrigeration solution.

Durable and Efficient Design

Built with durability in mind, this refrigerator features a solid door that not only adds to its sleek appearance but also helps maintain consistent temperatures. The bottom-mount refrigeration system offers easy access for maintenance while also ensuring efficient cooling performance.

Ample Storage Capacity

With a generous 23 cu ft of storage space, this refrigerator provides ample room for storing a wide variety of perishable ingredients, ensuring they remain fresh and ready for use.

Precision Temperature Control

The refrigerator is equipped with precise temperature controls, allowing you to maintain the optimal temperature range for your specific storage needs. This feature is essential for preserving the quality and safety of your food items.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Designed for energy efficiency, this refrigerator not only helps reduce your operational costs but also minimizes its environmental impact. The use of advanced refrigeration technology ensures that your food stays cool while consuming less energy.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Crafted from high-quality materials, this refrigerator is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic and organized kitchen environment. Its user-friendly design facilitates quick and hassle-free cleaning.
Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing refrigeration equipment or searching for a reliable addition to your commercial kitchen, the Chef Majesty 23 Cu Ft Single Door Solid Door Refrigerator offers the ideal solution. Elevate your kitchen’s efficiency and maintain the freshness of your ingredients with this exceptional refrigeration unit.

Equipment Certifications

This unit adheres to stringent electronic safety standards set by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group.
This unit is in full compliance with the rigorous sanitation standards established by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group, ensuring its suitability for use in the United States.
This versatile unit is equipped with a NEMA 5-15 plug for easy and convenient power connectivity.
R290 is a natural propane refrigerant.