Back Bar, Glass Door Refrigerator, 48″ Narrow

Upgrade Your Bar’s Display and Storage with the Chef Majesty 48″ Narrow Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator

Enhance the visual appeal and efficiency of your bar with the Chef Majesty 48″ Narrow Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator. This refrigerator is designed to provide both stylish display and reliable storage for your beverages. The glass door allows patrons to easily view the available drinks, while the narrow design ensures it fits seamlessly into limited spaces. With its efficient cooling system and durable construction, this back bar refrigerator is a valuable addition to any bar setup, offering a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

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Dimensions 70 × 130 × 107.5 cm
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Maximize Beverage Storage with the Chef Majesty 48″ Narrow Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator

Efficiently manage your beverage inventory with the Chef Majesty 48″ Narrow Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator, designed to provide optimal cooling and convenient access to your drinks. This narrow back bar refrigerator is an essential addition to bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues where space is at a premium.

Sleek Design and Convenient Display

Boasting a sleek and compact design, this glass door back bar refrigerator seamlessly fits into tight spaces without compromising on storage capacity. The transparent glass doors offer a clear view of the beverages inside, enabling quick selections for bartenders and customers alike.

Adjustable Shelves for Flexibility

Equipped with adjustable shelves, this back bar refrigerator provides versatility to accommodate various-sized bottles and cans. The flexible shelving system allows you to optimize storage efficiency based on your specific beverage offerings.

Energy-Efficient Cooling

The Chef Majesty 48″ Narrow Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator features an energy-efficient cooling system that maintains consistent temperatures to keep your beverages refreshingly cold. With a temperature range suitable for storing a wide range of drinks, you can ensure that your customers enjoy their preferred beverages at the perfect serving temperature.

Durable Build and Easy Maintenance

Constructed with durability in mind, this back bar refrigerator features a sturdy build that withstands the demands of a busy establishment. The stainless steel exterior not only enhances the unit’s longevity but also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.

Space-Saving Solution

The narrow design of this glass door back bar refrigerator is tailored to save space while providing ample storage for your beverage selection. Its compact footprint allows it to fit seamlessly into your bar layout, ensuring efficient beverage service without compromising on space utilization.

Enhance Your Beverage Service

The Chef Majesty 48″ Narrow Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator offers a smart solution for optimizing your beverage storage and service. Whether you’re operating a bustling bar or a cozy bistro, this refrigerator ensures that your customers’ favorite drinks are always within easy reach and impeccably chilled. Upgrade your beverage service efficiency with this stylish and functional addition to your establishment.

Equipment Certifications

This unit adheres to stringent electronic safety standards set by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group.
This unit is in full compliance with the rigorous sanitation standards established by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group, ensuring its suitability for use in the United States.
This versatile unit is equipped with a NEMA 5-15 plug for easy and convenient power connectivity.
R290 is a natural propane refrigerant.